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What Is the Best Online Dating Profile?

Organizing your online dating profile can be confusing, anxiety-inducing, and off-putting. Most of us were raised to be humble about our talents, accomplishments, and looks. However, creating an online dating profile prompts you to toot your horn a bit.

Despite this feeling, we are the only individuals who need to talk for ourselves. We do not need a wingman to brag on our behalf.  This brings us to the important tips of describing yourself in an online dating profile.

What Is the Best Online Dating Profile?

Tell me about yourself!


This is the most important disclaimer in this article. Being dishonest in your dating profile will always come back to haunt you.  You might be tempted to stand out in the competition by embellishing your dating profile a bit. Resist the temptation.

The objective is to find a mate who likes you for who you are. It might be fine lying about your height, weight, or your status until you finally meet up. It will be a deal breaker when you are discovered for being dishonest.

Appropriately Describe Your Looks

The words you use to describe yourself may not be similar to how others would. One of the basic processes of creating an online dating profile is entering basic information such as age, name, height, hair color, etc. You should remember to be honest when filling up this information and do not have to worry about how others might view you.

You may also be asked to choose your body type which might seem to be uncomfortable. What one may consider tall another may consider average body height. What you may consider athletic another may consider not. Trust your instincts but do not sell yourself short.

What Is the Best Online Dating Profile?

What do you like the most?

Attractive Profile Picture

Verbal description can go as far as describing your looks. You can add more photos to make your potential mate feel safe upon meeting you. Some of us may be camera shy but recent appealing photos can make the difference.

Avoid putting old photos that do not reflect your current state. You might have grown older or gained or lost some weight. If you have shaved your mustache, you should put the photo in your dating profile to avoid disappointment upon meeting on your first date.

Clearly Describe Your Personality

It is necessary but hard to brag about yourself. Describe the things you love doing and you will make things easier for the potential partners to envision. Since your online viewers have a shorter attention span you need to get specific in your online dating profile about your hobbies and what you love doing. Be specific and give your about me page more life. Talk about the things you do currently and not the ones you did in the past.