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What Questions MUST You Ask Your Asian Single Before the First Date?

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Online dating has made it easy to meet singles from all over the world. If your eyes and heart have settled on an Asian single, you might want to ask her these questions before planning a first date. Why? Because they can reveal right from the start if you’re a match.

1. How Do You Get Along With Your Family?

One very important thing to keep in mind when starting to date Asian women is that in most Asian cultures, family is more important than anything else. Therefore, learning how she gets along with her family is a good indicator of how she’ll behave with you should things get serious.

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For instance, if she doesn’t care too much about her parents, chances are she won’t care too much about you either. If she’s too attached to them, they’ll always come before you. If instead she speaks about them with respect but seems pretty detached, she might be a keeper.

2. What Are Your Interests?

Learning about likes and dislikes can tell you right from the start how compatible you are. For example, if you like to party, but she’d rather stay at home on Friday nights, you wouldn’t get along very well.

Besides compatibility, knowing her interests can also give you a clear idea of where to take her on the first date.

3. What Type of Woman Are You?

Asian women are often seen as shy and traditionalist, but that’s not always the case. Knowing if she feels traditionalist or modern can also be an indicator of compatibility. What is the best match for you depends on what you’re looking for, but it’s nice to know how she feels before becoming too committed.

4. What Do You Think About Marriage?

Another thing you should know is that most Asian women strongly believe that it is the man who should put the bread on the table. If you’re dreaming of sharing household finances and responsibilities with your future wife, ask her before the first date what she thinks about marriage.

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Otherwise, you might just find out that she wants to quit her job and become a housewife when it’s too late.

5. What Does a Typical Day Looks Like for You?

If you listen carefully, the answer to this question may give you more information about her than all the other questions combined. By telling you what she does in a typical day, you’ll be able to tell how much she enjoys her life and job, what is her relationship with her parents, and how social she is.

Now that you know what questions you must ask your Asian single before the first date, we can only wish you good luck with your online dating.