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Richard and Ping

Ping is 53 years old. She is a busi­ness wo­m­an from Chi­na who nev­er thought she would find some­one to love un­til the mo­ment she met Richard.

Richard lives in Hong Kong now and has a ten year old son. He was search­ing for a lady from Chi­na be­cause he loves Chi­nese wo­m­en and Chi­nese cul­ture.

Ping and Richard met through the dat­ing site and the agen­cy or­ganized for them to meet each other. When Richard visit­ed Ping in Chi­na he took his son with him and the three of them had lots of things to talk about to­gether.

Af­ter their first meet­ing Richard de­cid­ed to stay in Chi­na for a while and Ping ar­ranged for them to trav­el around Chi­na for a month. Dur­ing that time they dis­cov­ered they had so many things in com­mon and de­cid­ed they want­ed to be to­gether for­ev­er.

So, Richard in­vit­ed Ping to live with him in Hong Kong and his lit­tle boy likes her very much. They still trav­el as much as they can.

Richard and Ping told us that you must nev­er give up search­ing for love be­cause it could hap­pen to­mor­row. Have faith in love and in life.

March 2019

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