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Qianqian and Ben


Today, we would like to tell you the love story of Ben and Qianqian who met on our website.

Ben had been seeking a nice, kind Asian woman for a very long time. He would never have believed it would take so long to be successful in his search. However, the moment he joined this very site, he unexpectedly came across beautiful Qianqian. It might sound like a cliché but he truly fell in love with her at the first sight.

Qianqian is a very cheerful, romantic woman who is full of happiness. In turn, she was seeking a man who would be kind, responsible and reliable. She is a fairly choosy lady but when Ben texted her and told her that she was the ideal type he had been looking for, she felt special and lucky!

Now they have found their own true happiness and love!

Qianqian and Ben

May 2022

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