What is Live Chat? Compare

AsianSingles2Day.com now provides its customers with a great new option Live Chat. Our online real time communication service with any lady/ladies at AsianSingles2Day.com is now really fantastic!

With the exceptional confidential feature of Live Chat, you can relax and present yourself easily as you build the relationship with your dream Asian girl. Live chat is unique with its ability to help you find and start communicating with girl/girls instantly. To enjoy this new, amazing and easy way to communicate, simply click on Chat Now icon in the profile of the lady you wish to talk to and begin chatting with her! Forget about specific software and any other settings on your computer! Live Chat is completely integrated into our AsianSingles2day.com website.

Can I start a Live Chat with a lady instantly?

Just sign up on our site at AsianSingles2Day.com and start chatting online. You can chat with any lady who is online. In order to find a lady to chat with, go to our Online Ladies catalogue. Browse Online Ladies profiles and choose one or a few ladies for an online chat. To invite a lady into a Live Chat, click the Chat Now link beside her small photo. A Live Chat window will be set up automatically!

Can I chat with a few ladies?

Live chat is absolutely confidential. If you want to chat with several ladies, a few separate Live Chat windows can be opened simultaneously. When you do this, you will really experience the whole comfort of Live Chat, as sessions with several ladies will give you a better chance to find your Asian dream girl and start dating with her right away!

When do I get charged if I invite a girl to a Live Chat?

When you invite a lady to chat and send her a first message, you wont be charged until the lady replies back to you.

When do I get charged if a lady invites me to a Live Chat?

When the lady replies and invites you to a Live Chat, you will be charged from the moment you accept her offer to chat which is done by clicking  button on the pop-up window. The girls invitation is in the bottom right corner of the AsianSingles2Day web page.

What is the cost for Live Chat?

Live Chat cost is very reasonable. 1 minute of Live Chat costs 1 credit


Chatting time of 4 minutes = 4 credits

Chatting time of 10 minutes = 10 credits

Chatting time of 15 minutes = 15 credits and etc.

How to finish Live Chat?

To finish your Live Chat, simply click the button End Chat in the Live Chat window, or just close it and your conversation will be over.

Sign up today at AsianSingles2Day.com and quickly discover the amazing world of Live Chat! We welcome you to discover new opportunities for easy online communication with Asian ladies!

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What is Live Video Chat? Compare

AsianSingles2Day now offers Live Video Chat - a unique service offering you an opportunity to see live video of your dream Asian woman while chatting to her. Now, as well as exchanging messages in Live Chat, youll also be able to see your future brides face, smile and response to you. This new possibility will enliven your online communication with fresh, natural and bright emotions that you can easily exchange in a private atmosphere!

When can I start Live Video Chat with my lady?

To start a Live Video Chat with your lady, make sure there is a video icon webcam in the upper left corner of her profile picture. This icon means that the ladys web camera is connected to her PC and the lady is ready to communicate with you in Live Video Chat. The ladys video will start playing in the chat window automatically just after you start a regular chat session with her. Try Live Video Chat and see how wonderful and attractive your Asian lady is! You will feel as if she is really there in the room with you!

Should I dress up and wear anything special for a Live Video Chat session?

Of course, this is not necessary, and its up to you! However, if you want to create a strong impression, then dressing nicely will certainly be a good way to present yourself in a positive light to your lady, and she will definitely appreciate your effort! Live Video Chat is a comfortable option that gives you the opportunity to see your lady, but not to be seen by her - even if your webcam is connected to your PC.

How does it work?

To start a Video Chat with the lady, you should invite her to a Live Video Chat by pressing Chat Now button near the small photo of her profile. Do not forget to make sure that your lady is online, her webcam is connected to her PC and there is a video icon webcam in the top left corner of her profile. The Live Video of the lady will start transmitting instantly after the lady accepts your invitation, enters the chat and lets her video start to play for you.

Before your lady allows her video to be transmitted to you, youll be able to chat with her using our usual Live Chat mode. After she permits her web camera to play the video for you, youll see that the Live Video Chat mode of the active chat sessions will be automatically turned on and you will be able to see her in real time.

What are the costs for Live Video Chat?

While using Live Video Chat mode, you will be charged 2 credits per minute of online video chatting with your lady.

Can I switch the mode of Live Video Chat to Live Chat? Can I switch back to Live Video Chat?

Sure! You can do this at any time! During your active chat with the lady you can switch the modes back and forth during the current chat session. To switch to Live Chat mode you should press Stop Live Video button. To switch back to Live Video Chat mode just press Start Live Video button and the video of the lady will be launched automatically.

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What is 2-way Live Video Chat? Compare

One of the most popular options of AsianSingles2Day online services is 2-way Live Video Chat which allows you to see live video of your lady while you both chat. This option will serve you both as she will also be able to enjoy seeing you in real-time video as well. With 2-way Live Video Chat you and your dream Asian woman can develop deeper mutual feelings and become much closer to each other!

How Live Video Chat worked before: In the past, ladies couldnt see you in Live Video Chat as it was only a one-way video stream from the lady to you.

How it works now: Now your lady can also have the pleasure of seeing your smile and face when you switch on a 2-way Live Video Chat mode in your Live Video Chat session. This is a delightful way to get much closer to your Asian beauty and share special emotions and bright moments with each other!

What are the general requirements to start 2-way Live Video Chat?

To begin a 2-way Live Video Chat:

-You should be logged in to asiansingles2day.com with your login and password.

-Your webcam should be in working condition and connected to your computer. No additional settings are required.

- Make sure that the lady you wish to talk with on 2-way Live Video Chat is ready and set up for the chat: there should be an icon webcam  in the upper left corner of her small profile picture.

When can I start a 2-way Live Video Chat with my lady?

    In order to start a 2-way Video Chat with your lady, make sure the webcam icon is activated in the upper left corner of her profile picture. This will show she is open and ready for a 2-way Live Video Chat, and you can simply invite her to join you. Press Chat Now button in her profile which will be notification for her that you are ready to start. After she accepts your invitation and gives the permission for playback of her video, you should activate your camera by clicking Start Your Live Video button. In a few seconds your camera will start to play live video and the lady will see it in her chat window.

As soon as you both see each others video on the screen, you are actively in 2-way Live Video Chat mode. During the session you can also see what is being played from your own camera and see what your lady is watching in real time! Your own video will be located in the lower right corner of your chat window so you can easily check the quality of your video and the cameras performance. Please set the appropriate angle of your camera in order to achieve maximum quality for your video display.  

Can I communicate in 2-way Live Video Chat with more than one lady?

Certainly, you can do this! You can use 2-way Live Video Chat with as many ladies as you like. However, please keep in mind that all the ladies you are communicating with in 2-way Live Video Chat will see the same video sent from your camera.

Should I dress up and wear anything special for a 2-way Live Video Chat session?

How you wish to appear of course depends on you, but we do advise you to look neat and attractive so that your first meeting will have an endearing impact on your special lady. First impressions are always the strongest and most lasting!

Is there an option that allows a lady to view my live video even if I cannot view her live video?

No, the lady can see your live video sent from your camera only when:

-          She has her camera connected to her PC and turned on.

-          She has accepted your invitation to communicate in Live Video Chat.

-          She has allowed you to view her live video played through her camera.

What is the cost for 2-way Live Video Chat?

When you use 2-way Live Video Chat mode you will be charged 5 credits per minute of online video chatting with your lady.

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