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Bad Online Dating Habits and How to Get Rid of Them

online dating

Online dating is something that thousands of people around the world love to do, but how do you make sure you’re not falling into some bad dating habits?

When you do any activity frequently, it’s easy to fall into some bad habits. Online dating is no different, however, the habits can stand in the way of you fulfilling your goal of being on the sites in the first place.

online dating

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There are quite a few bad habits you can pick-up when looking for love online, from not spending enough time getting to know people through to talking to ladies you know aren’t a good fit for too long.

So, here are a few of the worst online dating habits and how you should get rid of them.

Time wasting

If you’re talking to a lady, or perhaps several ladies, that you know already won’t be your type or won’t develop into relationships, then consider whether you are actually wasting both your time and hers by continuing to try and force the relationship to work. Just give it up and move on – it’s better for both of you and makes online dating more fun.

How to drop the habit: Be honest with yourself and the lady involved when you’re talking. It will save you both a lot of time, effort and potentially stress.

Not telling the truth

One of the pitfalls of online dating is that people don’t always tell the truth. They lie about their job, about their age or about something else. Well, here’s the thing, you’re unlucky to ever find a fulfilling relationship if you don’t start telling the truth about yourself. 

online dating

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How to drop the habit: Simply learn to be honest about yourself and confident in who you are. No relationship will last if it’s built on lies.

Ignoring the real people

Some people will be guilty of this and not know it. You should spend some time to actually get to know people rather than just dismissing them as a potential match on the basis of their profile or initial conversation. Take some time to speak to her, get to know her and who she really is. That’s what online dating is about.

How to drop the habit: You’re almost certainly guilty of this if you’re talking to lots of women at the same time. Limit how many you speak to at any given time and instead put some effort in to getting to know them better. 

Found a good match? Put some effort in

Similar to the above, some guys will find a lady they are really attracted to and have a good early bond with, yet continue to speak to other ladies when online dating as well. You’re not giving yourself a chance to see if your relationship will develop anywhere.

How to drop the habit: If you find a lady you really like, stop all other conversations with women and give yourself a chance of finding love. 

Keep your profile up to date

Finally, putting things on your profile which are out-dated is really not going to help you. Putting a photo of yourself on from a few years ago is going to come back and bite you at some point.

How to drop the habit: Keep your profile up to date, using recent photos and accurate information about yourself.