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How Do Chinese Ladies Spend Singles Day?

Chinese lady

November in China brings around one of the most entertaining days of the year for Chinese ladies who are still single; Singles Day.

First celebrated by students at Nanjing University back in 1993, the day is regarded as an opportunity to treat yourself and be kind to yourself. Just because Chinese ladies may be single does not mean that they can’t treat themselves.

I am looking for a romantic gentleman

The 11th November sees will see Chinese ladies, and their single male counterparts, most probably spend some time and money on themselves. A time to stop worrying about being single and instead take some time out to celebrate who they are and what they enjoy doing.

So, if you want to find out how single Chinese ladies will be spending Singles Day, then this article is for you:

They go shopping

Without doubt, Singles Day is now one of the biggest shopping days of the year in China. It’s become the day when one would treat themselves. From beauty products and clothes to tech and electronics. If Chinese ladies have been waiting to purchase a certain something, then they will almost certainly buy it on 11th

Spend time with friends

From eating at restaurants to enjoying a good sing-song at the local karaoke bar, Singles Day is a day when Chinese ladies will head out without single friends and enjoy themselves.

Eat traditional deep-fried pastries

Maybe you are the one I am looking for?

China is known to have some great food and Singles Day presents an opportunity to eat another traditional food item; youtiao. This is essentially four deep-fried pastries that are shaped like fingers. They are fused together in sets of two, symbolizing 11.11 – the date of Singles Day.

Look for love

There is no escaping that for most people, Singles Day would be much more fun if they were not in fact single! In fact, some of the biggest retailers in China have now started to make Singles Day into something for couples anyway. So, expect single Chinese ladies to spend some time looking for love on this date, either online or in-person.


For Chinese ladies with busy lives, they will often choose to leave 11th November free in their diary, perhaps even book it off work. They will treat themselves to a relaxing day at home or even perhaps spend some time pampering themselves at the local spa.