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Chenhan (Jane) from Xi`an, China
ID: 53030
Aug 25, 2022

You're welcome to meet Chenhan (Jane), the newest profile on the site!

Aug 24, 2022

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Asian Women and Cosplay: Top Facts

Cosplay may sound interesting when watching from a distance and even more interesting when dating Asian women cosplayers. Cosplaying involves dressing up like a character from fiction, TV, show, movie, or game. You only need a fun partner and a costume in cosplay. You can easily get a costume but hard getting fun Asian women…
Feifei from Guangdong, China
ID: 53010
Aug 24, 2022

You're welcome to meet Feifei, the newest profile on the site!

Mingyue from Shenzhen, China
ID: 53012
Aug 24, 2022

You're welcome to meet Mingyue, the newest profile on the site!

Lifang from Liuzhou, China
ID: 53009
Aug 18, 2022

You're welcome to meet Lifang, the newest profile on the site!

Huiqin from Guilin, China
ID: 53008
Aug 17, 2022

You're welcome to meet Huiqin, the newest profile on the site!

Yuxiang from Shenzhen, China
ID: 53011
Aug 17, 2022

You're welcome to meet Yuxiang, the newest profile on the site!

Aug 17, 2022

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What Is the Best Online Dating Profile?

Organizing your online dating profile can be confusing, anxiety-inducing, and off-putting. Most of us were raised to be humble about our talents, accomplishments, and looks. However, creating an online dating profile prompts you to toot your horn a bit. Despite this feeling, we are the only individuals who need to talk for ourselves. We do…
Meizhen from Fangcheng, China
ID: 53006
Aug 15, 2022

You're welcome to meet Meizhen, the newest profile on the site!

Yanjun from Beihai, China
ID: 53007
Aug 15, 2022

You're welcome to meet Yanjun, the newest profile on the site!

Aug 12, 2022

August Sale! Our special prices are waiting for you!

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Xiaomei from Nanning, China
ID: 53002
Aug 12, 2022

You're welcome to meet Xiaomei, the newest profile on the site!

Xianyan from Nanning, China
ID: 53001
Aug 11, 2022

You're welcome to meet Xianyan, the newest profile on the site!

Lili from Nanning, China
ID: 53003
Aug 11, 2022

You're welcome to meet Lili, the newest profile on the site!

Yinghua from Nanning, China
ID: 53005
Aug 11, 2022

You're welcome to meet Yinghua, the newest profile on the site!

Aug 10, 2022

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Red Flags When Dating an Asian Woman

Generally, Asian women are complex to understand and date. If you have arranged your date with an Asian woman, you may put all your efforts into having that positive experience. However, in some situations, you avoid the subtle hints and don’t focus on any red flag. Those red flags might be the warnings that things…
Aug 04, 2022

The August Sale is almost here!  Let’s enjoy it together!

61c4d207672bd3a7.jpgWe are happy to announce that we are now organizing a new Sale for our customers so they will remember these summer days. Even though autumn is coming we should usher out the summer with the memory of how hot, sunny and bright it was for us.
So, here are the special offers for August 13th, 00:00 – 23:59 EST on our site:
1) 10% OFF all credits packages + 5% bonus credits back to your balance;
2) 33% OFF all virtual gifts – 10 credits instead of 15.
The offers will only be valid on August 13th! Don’t forget to visit the site on that day to get the benefit of our special prices and enjoy pleasant communication with our beautiful ladies.
Jul 27, 2022

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Does Online Chat Replace A Real One? 

Technology has drastically transformed the way we interact with one another. A century ago, no one would have thought that we all would communicate through the screen (laptop/phone). However, technology made it possible. Today, people spend more time on online chat than talking with one another in real life.   The same applies to dating as…
Jul 20, 2022

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Things to Avoid Dating an Asian Woman

Getting to know an Asian woman romantically means that you need to be aware that their culture may be different to yours. This doesn’t need to be a negative thing. In fact, it can make for a great experience. However, it does mean that there are some things worth avoiding if you want to keep…
Chaoying (Nancy) from Guangzhou, China
ID: 52875
Jul 19, 2022

You're welcome to meet Chaoying (Nancy), the newest profile on the site!

Chunye from Nanning, China
ID: 52910
Jul 19, 2022

You're welcome to meet Chunye, the newest profile on the site!

Meiying from Nanning, China
ID: 52911
Jul 19, 2022

You're welcome to meet Meiying, the newest profile on the site!

Guifen from Nanning, China
ID: 52906
Jul 18, 2022

You're welcome to meet Guifen, the newest profile on the site!

Suxiang from Nanning, China
ID: 52903
Jul 18, 2022

You're welcome to meet Suxiang, the newest profile on the site!

Gaoling from Nanning, China
ID: 52905
Jul 15, 2022

You're welcome to meet Gaoling, the newest profile on the site!

Zhenzhen from Nanning, China
ID: 52904
Jul 15, 2022

You're welcome to meet Zhenzhen, the newest profile on the site!

Huizhu from Nanning, China
ID: 52902
Jul 15, 2022

You're welcome to meet Huizhu, the newest profile on the site!

Yarong from Anji, China
ID: 52915
Jul 13, 2022

You're welcome to meet Yarong, the newest profile on the site!

Daini from Huangzhou, China
ID: 52886
Jul 13, 2022

You're welcome to meet Daini, the newest profile on the site!

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