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Zouer from Guangzhou, China
ID: 46494
Mar 20, 2018

You're welcome to meet Zouer, the newest profile on the site!

Li from Fushun, China
ID: 46434
Mar 19, 2018

You're welcome to meet Li, the newest profile on the site!

Xianhui from Shenyang, China
ID: 46424
Mar 19, 2018

You're welcome to meet Xianhui, the newest profile on the site!

Ava from Guangzhou, China
ID: 46492
Mar 19, 2018

You're welcome to meet Ava, the newest profile on the site!

Huiwen from Shenyang, China
ID: 46428
Mar 16, 2018

You're welcome to meet Huiwen, the newest profile on the site!

Yuning from Luoyang, China
ID: 46429
Mar 15, 2018

You're welcome to meet Yuning, the newest profile on the site!

Lily from Chengdu, China
ID: 46413
Mar 14, 2018

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Mar 14, 2018

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Signs that your Asian wife is happy with you

Now that you have settled down with your Asian wife, or perhaps bride-to-be, how can you recognise that she is truly happy with you? Its natural in any relationship for you to question whether your partner is genuinely happy in the relationship with you, and whether love is blossoming. Its no different with your Asian…
Wenting from Fuzhou, China
ID: 46465
Mar 14, 2018

You're welcome to meet Wenting, the newest profile on the site!

Shangqing from Handan, China
ID: 46197
Mar 12, 2018

You're welcome to meet Shangqing, the newest profile on the site!

Zhi from Jilin, China
ID: 46432
Mar 12, 2018

You're welcome to meet Zhi, the newest profile on the site!

Qianqian from Fuxin, China
ID: 46431
Mar 12, 2018

You're welcome to meet Qianqian, the newest profile on the site!

Tingting (Alice) from Jilin, China
ID: 41503
Mar 12, 2018

You're welcome to meet Tingting (Alice), the newest profile on the site!

Mar 07, 2018

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Mar 07, 2018

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How do Asian brides from China celebrate March 8th?

March 8th is celebrated as International Womens Day throughout the world and this annual event aims to raise consideration for the rights of women, gender inequality issues and to act as a celebration for female achievements and roles. In China, Asian brides will eagerly anticipate this event and will make plans to communicate their beliefs…
Feb 28, 2018

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5 ways to make your online dating easier

Online dating can be a difficult undertaking, particularly if you lack confidence, are not computer literate or simply just don’t know where to begin. There are several tools that many online dating sites offer to help streamline processes and support you in meeting your perfect woman. Be sure to check what help is offered by…
Feb 26, 2018

International Women’s Day Great Sale coming soon!

International Women’s Day, March 8th, is just around the corner and to celebrate and glorify this holiday, we’ve prepared something special for you! 

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Feb 13, 2018

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Xuanhe from liaoyuan, China
ID: 46200
Feb 07, 2018

You're welcome to meet Xuanhe, the newest profile on the site!

Yue from fushun, China
ID: 46203
Feb 07, 2018

You're welcome to meet Yue, the newest profile on the site!

Feb 01, 2018

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Caixia from Tonghua, China
ID: 46081
Jan 31, 2018

You're welcome to meet Caixia, the newest profile on the site!

Peijuan from fushun, China
ID: 46204
Jan 29, 2018

You're welcome to meet Peijuan, the newest profile on the site!

Jiayi (Wendy) from Fushun, China
ID: 41370
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Jiayi (Wendy), the newest profile on the site!

Ruonan from Beijing, China
ID: 46207
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Ruonan, the newest profile on the site!

Ying (Viola) from Jinzhou, China
ID: 41583
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Ying (Viola), the newest profile on the site!