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Jun 10, 2016

Enjoy safe Asian dating with by using our tips! 

Dear customers,

If you have decided to join an Asian dating site, you should ensure that it provides only high quality services and is a trusted resource. The fact is that you are looking to find your future life partner, so it would be reasonable to entrust this important task to a service which will genuinely be able to help you. In order to help you make your choice, we have prepared our best recommendations for you in our new blog post How to Choose a Reliable Asian Dating Service?

Sincerely yours,
AsianSingles2Day Team
Jun 02, 2016

Find your ideal Asian bride with our quiz!

Dear customers!

Do you already know what type of an Asian lady will be perfect for you? Will it be an exquisite oriental princess from China, caring and understanding woman from Vietnam or a soft and tender Thai lady? If you haven’t made your choice yet, our short quiz Where is your ideal Asian bride from? will definitely help you with it. We wish you a lot of fun!

Devotedly yours,
AsianSingles2Day Team 
May 26, 2016

Become a dream man for your Asian lady!

Dear customers,

Would you like to know what your Asian lady is dreaming about? What does she expect from her Western man? What features of character are the most important for her? We know everything about Asian mail order brides and are glad to help you become a perfect match for your Asian woman. Just read our new blog post Best 5 ways to become an ideal man for an Asian lady.

Devotedly yours,
AsianSingles2Day Team
May 19, 2016

Top reasons to choose Asian mail order brides!

Dear customers,

All pretty ladies from Asian countries who are registered on our website are searching for serious relationship with Western men. No doubts, that creating a couple, when you are million miles away from each other, is attended with a lot of difficulties and it is not only about distance. So, before starting to date Asian mail order brides it is worth weighing all advantages and disadvantages. Find them all in our new blog post Dating with mail order brides from Asia: pros and cons.

Sincerely yours,
AsianSingles2Day Team 
May 11, 2016

Vietnamese brides and Western men make perfect matches!

Dear customers!

All ladies on our dating site are eager to find their love and build a happy couple with a man from a Western country. Gorgeous mail order brides from Vietnam also dream about meeting their ideal life partners. Our main goal is to help you find your lovely and caring Asian lady who will be ready to share her love with you. If you are interested why Vietnamese women would like to meet a foreign man for serious relationships or even marriage, read our new blog post “Why do Vietnamese brides prefer Western men?”

Devotedly yours,
AsianSingles2Day Team
May 05, 2016

Updates in Live Chat!

Dear customers,

Live Chat is the most frequently used facility of our service. We are always working to make it as convenient as possible for you. Today, we are happy to inform you that the Live Chat feature has been enhanced with new chat possibilities, including a range of cute stickers and smilies! Now you can show your emotions without using a camera! Express your true feelings towards your lady without words, by just sending her a nice sticker!

We sincerely hope that our new chat updates will help you understand and communicate with each other in a better way and help during your conversations with your lady!

Devotedly yours,
AsianSingles2Day Team
Apr 27, 2016

How to have a wonderful date with a Chinese lady?

Dear customers,

Getting ready for the first date with your lovely Asian lady can be stressful as you don’t know what to expect from it. It is impossible to guess how your conversation will go on and how your lady will behave. In order to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, we would like to provide you with our tips which you can find in our new blog post What to expect from a date with a Chinese girl? Have a successful and nice date with your Chinese bride!

Devotedly yours,
AsianSingles2Day Team
Apr 19, 2016

Full Screen in Live Video Chat

Dear members,

The Live Video Chat service is extremely popular among our clients! Most of our site members prefer the very service, and this is not surprising as it is the perfect opportunity for men not just to chat with ladies but to also see them with their own eyes. It can help you to actually see a lady’s emotions and feelings in real time and enable you to notice any change in her mood!

With reference to these facts, we’ve improved the Live Video Chat service to make your communication on our site much more pleasant and to let you enjoy this service to the full. The improvements include enlarging the Live Video Chat window which is now twice as large and we have also added a Full Screen button!

These improvements will allow you to see your lady on the full screen as if she were in the same room! You will be able to see her in all her beauty and splendor, each shadow of her smile as well as every emotion!

When using the new improved Live Video Chat, your communications are much closer to reality. In fact it is not just a chat with a small imperceptible window, it is now more like full close contact with a real lady.

We sincerely hope that this enhancement will make your communications with the Live Video Chat much more pleasant, convenient and interesting, whilst enabling you to learn more about your lady and be able to bond to her much more than previously.

Best regards, Team
Apr 13, 2016

How to have a flawless conversation with Asian brides?

Dear customers,

Sometimes it is difficult to start a conversation with an Asian lady and keep it going as you may feel unsure about common topics to discuss. Ladies on are always ready to communicate with you, and our team is glad to help avoid any troubles when chatting on our website. To feel more confident, just be natural and use our top tips from the new blog post Topics to avoid when chatting with Asian brides. Have a nice talk!

Sincerely yours, Team
Apr 11, 2016

Live Video Chat Enhancement 

Dear Members,

We constantly strive to improve our service for the benefit of our members and with this in mind we are pleased to announce the latest enhancements to our Live Video Chat service.

We have significantly improved the service due to problems some members were experiencing with the service such as not being able to live video chat with the ladies. The main reason for this was a technical limitation, namely Live Video Chat was not available for those who did not have the relevant Flash Player installed on their desktop or other platforms such as mobiles and tablets.

The improvements we have made now means that the Live Video Chat Service is available without the requirement of a Flash player. This means that even those who do not have the Flash Player, you are now able to see the feelings and emotions of the ladies’ eyes, in real time!

Starting in April 6 Live Video Chat is supported in the following browsers for desktops:
- Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8/10
- Edge 13 and higher
- Firefox 43 and higher
- Chrome 45 and higher

We have dramatically improved your communication possibilities!

We sincerely hope that it will let you use the website to its fullest potential! Don’t hesitate to try the new enhanced live video chat and look at your lady with your own eyes in real time!
All you need to do to start live video chatting is to look at the online ladies page, find any lady with camera icon webcam and click Chat Now!

Best regards, Team 
Apr 06, 2016

Western Men prefer Asian Dating

Dear customers,

Beautiful Asian Ladies always attract attention of men around the world with their incredible exotic appearance and external grace. But there are some more reasons for western men to choose dating with Asian Ladies. Would you like to know them all? Enjoy reading our new blog post Why is Asian dating a perfect choice for a Western man and learn more about the most important advantages of Asian brides!

Devotedly yours,
AsianSingles2Day Team
Mar 25, 2016

Small Pleasures for Your Asian Lady 

Dear customers,

When was it the last time that you surprised your favourite Asian lady with an unexpected nice gift or a bunch of flowers? Don’t wait for a special occasion, create it yourself - your lady deserves it! And we are always glad to offer you an amazing range of gifts and flowers to fit every taste. Visit our Flowers & Gifts Gallery and choose the best item for your beloved Asian lady. Make her feel special, and no doubts she will be delighted!

Devotedly yours,
AsianSingles2Day Team. 
Feb 25, 2016

Why AsianSingles2Day is the right choice

Dear customers,

We do believe that is the right place for you to meet a petite Asian miracle for a serious relationship. We’ve thoroughly selected and described top services available at AsianSingles2Day that will make your communication with Asian Ladies engaging and efficient. Read the recent blog post and enjoy using safe and legit services!

Devotedly yours, Team
Feb 19, 2016

Why Asian ladies get involved into online dating

Dear customers,

We’re doing our best so that each of you would find your perfect Asian match. Asian ladies also seek to join online dating, so we’ve prepared for you a short brief to get a better understanding of what Asian women look for being online. Don’t forget to check the newest profiles of the most beautiful Asian ladies who want to build a relationship with you. 
Devotedly yours, Team
Feb 04, 2016

Asian wife: steel under silk!

Dear customers,

We know that dating Asian ladies could seem an issue for you and sound rather adventurous, nevertheless you’re charmed by their beauty! Today we’re happy to provide you with some tips and short briefs to make your communication with the ladies at comfortable and hassle-free. Meet our new blog post devoted to the peculiarities and merits of Asian brides! We believe you’ll find many interesting points for yourself and make a brilliant choice among Asian Mail Order Brides!
Devotedly yours, Team
Feb 02, 2016

Asia meets St. Valentine's Day: amaze your lady!

Borrowed from Western traditions, St. Valentine’s Day has become extremely popular among Asian ladies who anticipate and cherish the holiday much. They find St. Valentine’s Day to be highly meaningful for relationship with their beloved ones, and naturally hope to be congratulated on February, 14.

Choose to send a small token of your care and affection on this special day! Impress and amaze your gorgeous Asian lady if you already have your relationship started, or reveal your innermost feelings to the one you like in case you are still a secret admirer!

For your convenience, we’ve updated our Flowers & Gift Delivery Service and included ST. VALENTINE’S SPECIALS. You are free to choose among exclusive sets of flowers, perfumes and sweets to give loads of unforgettable memories to your cherished Asian lady!
You are welcome to place your order by clicking on "Send a Gift" button in the lady's profile, or by clicking on it in your "Favorite Ladies" page.

We would appreciate if you order in advance so that we could arrange the delivery on time! Thank you!

Nov 16, 2015

Find the newest dating tips in recent blog posts!

Dear customers,

We are doing our best to help you to find your soul-mate. We know that dating Asian women is quite an adventure, therefore we have prepared some articles that will help you to get the better of online dating. Read the recent blog posts and feel confident of finding a perfect match for you!
Devotedly yours, Team

Aug 13, 2015

Learn Top Tips For Dating Asian Women

Dear Customers,

We know that Asian dating is a great adventure and we are happy to guide you through it! We carefully selected 10 Top Tips For Dating Asian Women to let you start and develop your relationship with your special lady at in the best way possible.
Act like a genuine gentlemen with more advice given in blog posts.

Devotedly yours, Team
Jul 07, 2015

Flowers & Gifts Delivery: Make her heart beat faster!

Dear Customers,

We are sure you have heard many times before that ladies love with ears and men love with eyes. Yes, it is an open secret..! Still there are things that will make your lady's heart beat faster once she sees them. Flowers and Gifts! Ladies all over the world and especially Asian Ladies love to get fresh flowers and small gifts from their beloved ones as tokens of their love and devotion. Do not miss a chance to surprise your favorite lady at with a charming gift from our updated Flowers & Gifts Delivery Gallery, and you will feel her heart beats faster and faster for you! Order today at discounted prices to see her smiling face in a delivery picture tomorrow!

May 18, 2015

Do not miss the newest blog post!

Dear Customers,

Do not miss to follow our blogs, and you will know much more of Asian ladies' nature, their culture, traditions and habits; you will find loads of helpful tips to make your relationship with your Asian beauty successful and perfect! Enjoy reading the latest blog post here.

Our Team works for the sake of your happiness, and we truly hope you will find it with us at!
Dec 23, 2014

Flowers & Gifts: Meet New Updated Gallery!

AsianSingles2day is happy to announce that the gallery of Flowers & Gifts Delivery Service has been entirely updated. We carefully selected the best new items and gift ideas to choose from to make it easier for you to please the Lady of your dreams!
Want to make your Asian Lady feel absolutely special during Christmas holidays? Why not send her a delightful present such as delicate flowers, her favorite perfume or make up, new gadget or gorgeous lingerie!
If your Lady has kids nothing will cheer her up better than a smile on her child’s face, thus don’t forget to visit our Toys section as well. And for the true romantics who plan to make this holiday unforgettable for their special ladies - be sure to check out the romantic Christmas Sets collection to choose a perfect gift set to match your gorgeous Lady!
You are welcome to find and order new and breathtaking Flowers & Gifts here. We wish you happy holidays!

Nov 28, 2014

Christmas bonus: get 100 FREE credits!

Start getting ready for fabulous Christmas season with AsianSingles2Day's unique offer! Enjoy your festive interaction with your favorite Asian ladies as long as never before with 100 FREE Xmas bonus credits.


The offer is valid from December 1st up to December 24th, 2014. To get 100 FREE Xmas bonus credits you need to follow three simple steps: chat in Live Chat for 30 minutes or in Live Video Chat for 15 minutes with any lady/ladies of your choice, send 3 letters to any lady/ladies, and choose and send a gift from our special Christmas gallery to your lady. You are welcome to make use of this special offer one time only during December 01-24. The count of chat minutes, letters and gifts begins on Monday, December 1st.
Nov 26, 2014

Check the newest profiles added!

Dear Customers,
We are glad to add the newest profiles of gorgeous single Asian ladies daily in order to give you more opportunities to find your one and only! Romantic and sensual Asian angels are waiting for their perfect partner to contact them online! You are welcome to check the newest additions, and start a romantic relationship with any lady in Live Chat or in Letters.

Oct 30, 2014

Halloween 2014: Love Is In The Air!

Experience boundless romance spread by gorgeous single Asian women this Halloween. This holiday is the time of mysterious adventures for many single hearts. Recently Halloween has become very popular in Asian countries. Lots of young single ladies participate in exciting fancy-dress parties on a Halloween night.
Have fun this Halloween! Do not miss your chance to get loads of attention from single Asian women on AsianSingles2Day website. Charming Halloween lovers are waiting for you Online this Halloween eve. Do not hesitate to show your feelings to Asian single brides in Live Chat! 

Start your Halloween adventure and browse Online Ladies right now!

Jul 20, 2014

Live Chat will never end from now on!

Dear Customers,
We have more great news to share with you that will make your usage of the site’s services simpler, more enjoyable, and more effective! All you have to do is to mark the check-box “Automatically charge my credit card for the same amount of credits when my balance runs low” on your Buy Credits page! Then the next time your balance reaches 13 credits for on-line Live Chat services and 0 credits for letter writing/reading services, your credit card will automatically be charged to buy the same amount of credits that you purchased last time. Imagine never running out of credits again!
How do you benefit?
You can always be sure that you will not be interrupted anymore to purchase new credits when having Live Chat, Live Video Chat, or 2-way Live Video Chat sessions with your lady; or when you are using any other service on the site and have made sure that the check-box “Automatically charge my credit card...” is marked! You will no longer have to purchase credits manually! You can spend your time concentrating on developing your connection with your preferred lady, and let handle the rest!
Please follow this link to access your Buy Credits page to mark your check-box. hopes that you have enjoyable interaction and pleasing non-stop Live Chat conversations with Online Ladies!
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